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How to Contact Us


Send us an email or call with your questions.


It's easy to reach us. Send an email to our Service Center with your questions at


Get answers to many of your questions over the phone or to speak with a representative about opening or servicing your Amboy Direct account.
Call 1 (877) 22-AMBOY (1-877-222-6269)


You can contact us by mail by sending your inquiries to:


Amboy Direct
3590 U.S. Highway 9
Old Bridge, NJ 08857

Scroll over the Funds Management tab and click on the Transfer List button to see your list of transfers. Select a transfer and enter an amount. Be sure the amount you transfer is less than your available balance. Click "Submit" and then confirm the transfer.
The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is an industry standard, required by the FDIC, for advertising an interest bearing account. When interest is compounded over one year, the rate of the account (i.e. 2.00%) yields an APY (i.e. 2.02%). Please refer to FDIC's web site for additional information.
You can arrange for recurring transfers from your linked account to your Amboy Direct account by logging into your account and selecting the "Change Profile" tab. You'll be able to specify the amount, frequency and timing of the transfers.
Float represents the number of days your deposit is held until the funds are available for withdrawal. Deposits made within the first thirty (30) days an account is opened are held for seven (7) business days. After the account has been open for thirty days, electronic deposits will be available on the fifth (5th) business day.
To change a linked account, clients need to complete and mail the Change Linked Form to us with a voided check from the new account. The account you are changing the link to must be titled the same as your Amboy Direct account (if joint account then Amboy account must be a joint account).  Upon verification of ownership, Amboy will make two deposits which you must verify before being able to access your Amboy Direct account. An email will be sent notifying you of the deposits.
We can accept up to two beneficiaries on an individual account. Mail or fax the request to us. Click here to Add a Beneficiary (Fax 732-591-0705)
You can add a second owner to the account by mailing the request to us. Please include the name, address (if different), telephone number, social security number and date of birth as well as your account number. We also need photo copies of the current account holder and second owner's drivers licenses to complete this change.