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The Basics

What is an Amboy Direct account?
Amboy Direct accounts are FDIC-insured online accounts. They offer premium rates like a CD, but without locking up your money. Link any non-Amboy checking account to an Amboy Direct account and the money you electronically transfer will earn our competitive rate.

How can Amboy Direct offer higher rates than other banks?
We can pay more because Amboy Direct clients do not use branches for routine transactions. This helps reduce our costs, which means we can pay you higher rates and bring you added value.

Is Amboy Direct related to Amboy Bank?
Amboy Direct is a division of Amboy Bank, a NJ based bank founded in 1888. Amboy Direct was established in 1990 to support clients who prefer to bank from their computer or by mail rather than traveling to a branch. Direct banking using the Internet was started in 2004.

Can I talk to a person?
Absolutely. You may contact a Service Consultant through a toll-free number. Simply call 1-877-22AMBOY.


Opening Your Amboy Direct Account

How do I open an Amboy Direct Account?
Opening an Amboy Direct Account is quick, easy and convenient. All you need is a personal checking account. In four easy steps, you can open your account online or by mail. If you have questions or need help, call 1-877-22AMBOY to have an Amboy Direct Service Consultant walk you through the online application.

Do I have to change banks?
No. Your Amboy Direct account can be linked to any non-Amboy checking account, making it easier for you to transfer money whenever you want.

What is a "linked" account?
When you open your Amboy Direct account we electronically link it to your checking account so when you want to move your money we know where to send it.

Must I maintain a minimum balance in my Amboy Direct account?
You must open your account with the required minimum initial deposit. Once your account is established, there is no minimum balance requirement. However, a zero balance on an account will result in immediate closure of the account. Also, balances under one dollar will result in forfeiture of any accrued interest on the account.

How do I know when my Amboy Direct account is open and ready?
If you open your account online today you will immediately receive a confirmation. In a separate e-mail your Access ID will be sent as well as instructions on how to view and access your account. If you opened by mail, you will be notified of your Access ID as well as instructions on how to view and access your account.

How do I verify the two deposits Amboy Direct sends to me?
To verify your deposits you will need to view your linked checking account's transaction history or call your bank for the deposit amounts. Once you obtain the 2 deposit amounts, log in to Amboy Direct using your Access ID and password that you selected at the time of application. After you correctly verify the deposits you will have access to transfer your money.


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How Amboy Direct Works

How do I log in to view my account?
Go to and enter you Access ID in the "Online Access" box. Clicking on the "Log On" button will open a secure session window where you will be required to enter your password and identify another personal information fact. This "multi-factor" login is designed to provide additional protection from identity theft and fraudulent representation.

How do I access my money?
Our state-of-the-art, bank-to-bank transfer process makes it easy for you to move money between your Amboy Direct account and your checking account with a click of the mouse. After logging in, select whether you move money to or from your Amboy Direct account and enter an amount. It's that simple.

How long does it take for transfers to and from my Amboy Direct account?
It takes two to three business days to process your transactions.

Can I view transactions posted to my Amboy Direct account?
To view your account 24/7, just log on to Your current transactions are listed once you have securely logged in.

How often do I receive a statement?
Online statements are e-mailed quarterly.


Safety, Security and Privacy

Are deposits at Amboy Direct insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)?
Yes, the FDIC insures funds in your Amboy Direct account through Amboy Bank. You can learn more about the FDIC at their website,

How do you keep my account secure?
You're the only one who can access your account. Your account can only be accessed with your unique Access ID and Password. In addition, we ensure your security online through sophisticated encryption and multi-factor RSA identification when logging into your account.

What about information privacy?
Neither Amboy Bank nor Amboy Direct shares client information. As a community oriented bank, Amboy Bank is committed to your financial well being. You trust us with your personal financial information, and we honor that trust by handling your information discretely and sensibly.


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