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Treasury Index CD from Amboy Direct

If you’ve been searching for a new way to benefit from the potential rising rate environment, this Treasury Index CD may be the answer! This 2 Year CD is indexed to the 3 Month Treasury Rate PLUS an extra 0.50%! Use PROMO CODE 902 when you OPEN ONLINE.

  • Rate Changes Quarterly

  • $100 to Open

  • FDIC Insured

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Your rate is indexed to the Wall Street Journal 3 Month Treasury rate (plus a 0.50% margin!) that will be adjusted on a quarterly basis. As this rate moves, so does the rate on your CD. With only $100 needed to open, you can make additional deposits during the account's first 30 days by using our simple Bank to Bank transfer capability.
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Amboy Direct, a division of Amboy Bank, has been offering premium, direct accounts for more than 20 years.  Learn more about Amboy Bank:

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* Treasury Index CD term is for 2 years. Balances of $25,000 - $500,000 earn the stated annual percentage yield (APY); under $25,000 earns no interest. Rate/APY adjusts quarterly. Indexed to 3-month Wall Street Journal Treasury Bill Rate plus 0.50%. Early withdrawal penalties may apply. Account must be linked to a non-Amboy checking account. New money only. One offer per household. $500,000 maximum per household.  Not available at Amboy Bank branches. Rate or offer may change or be withdrawn at any time. Amboy Direct is a division of Amboy Bank. Member FDIC.

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