At Amboy Direct, we recognize that privacy and security of personal financial information is a great concern to our clients. We have taken the utmost care in establishing and implementing policies and procedures to protect this information. Read more about how we protect you.

How We Protect You

Secure Communications

  • Secure Socket Layers (SSL): data encryption to make sure that your sensitive information cannot be read by unauthorized individuals
  • Extended Validation Security Certificates: provides an HTTPS connection and allows you to make sure the page is secured by Amboy.

Authentication and Data Protection

  • Access: Online access to accounts is made possible by entering a User ID and Password in conjunction with Multifactor Authentication, which requires the user to verify themselves using another means of communication.
  • Firewall: Our computer system is isolated from the Internet via a "firewall" – a service that defines, controls, and limits the access that "outside" computers have to the Bank's computer. The firewall subscribes to the standards set by the NCSA (National Computer Security Association). In other words, use of the firewall allows only authenticated Bank customers or administrators to send or receive transactions through it.

How You Can Protect Yourself

  • Use and update anti-virus software on your device
  • Keep your device updated with the latest patches
  • Take advantage of tools within Digital Banking that can alert you immediately of account activity

If You Have a Concern

Please notify us immediately at 877-222-6269 or if you experience any security-related events in regards to your Amboy accounts.